Top 5 Courses for Product Management Certification

With the world going digital, numerous services and courses have now started to adopt a fully online approach, and educational courses are an example of this. They’re an effective way to develop a variety of professional skills, including product management.

If you’re looking to earn a certificate in product management, here are some of your best options.

Top Product Management Certification Courses

What are product management certifications? Product management certifications are online courses that provide the knowledge and assist you in developing the skill set needed to plan, develop, and launch a product.

Today, we will talk about these certifications and provide you with some of our top picks on where to pursue product management certifications.

1.      Product Strategy by Northwestern Kellog

Northwestern university’s online product strategy course aims to educate you on the product life cycle. In addition, this course highly encourages applying that gained knowledge, giving you opportunities to display your knowledge in the form of real-world exercises.

  • Provides a hands-on experience
  • A course designed and promoted by an established university
  • Designed for people interested in the product life cycle

2.      Digital Product Management Specialization

This Product certification course offers lessons and lectures which are easy to digest, even for someone who does not have any prior experience or a background in this.

This course teaches you from scratch, educating you on the various roles and skills a product manager needs to adapt to. This course aims to equip you with all the skills and understanding needed to attain an entry-level project management role.

Additionally, this course is an applied learning project. This means that it aims to teach you by implementing real-world scenarios in your studies to encourage out of the box problem solving and strategizing.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Teaches you the basics
  • Applied learning project encouraging real world implications

3.      Product Management: Accelerated at Stanford

This certification by Stanford University is a 10-week program that covers a wide array of topics, ranging from product strategy to knowledge on how to run operational sprints.

What makes this course unique from the rest is that it offers two different types of courses within that as well. With the selection of either the Graduate course or the Professional program, this course caters to students as well as employees who do not have much time on their hands, as well.

This course is a group program, also known as a cohort program, which allows networking with students of similar skill sets.

  • The cohort option allows for networking
  • Offers in-depth knowledge of product management
  • Helps explore logistical potential in a product

4.      Product Management Certification by Product School

This certification course equips you with a robust set of skills needed to become a PM professional and is beginner-friendly.

This course is divided into two stages. The first stage teaches you how to determine your target audience and assess opportunities. The second stage provides you with knowledge of the product launch.

  • Taught by well-renowned experts
  • Fleshed out, two-step process
  • Provides knowledge on digital product management as well

5.      Product Management Foundations by Reforge

Reforge offers a 4-6 week cohort learning-based program; one unique feature about this program is that it gives you access to community events, hands-on exercises, and training.

This course is also beginner-friendly, making it a  viable option for anyone planning to pursue product management as a career option.

  • Recommended for people looking to switch careers
  • Provides you with opportunities to learn product management
  • Education level increases as PM level increases


Product management is a field of study that is evolving at a rapid pace. As time goes by and technology continues to develop, new opportunities for product management also keep popping up.

Considering this rapid change, this list will help you gain insight on where to start looking when searching for a certification course right for you.

Whether you are looking for a course to take while managing work at the same time, or wanting to invest all your time in product management, this list is for you.