Top 5 Courses to Learn Python Programming Language For Beginners in 2022

Python is a popular programming language and is one of the easiest to learn for developing software, applications, and websites. Python plays a significant role in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and automation. Here’s a brief rundown of the top 5 courses for beginners and intermediate-level students to learn Python Programming Language

1.      Learn From Scratch: 2022 Complete Python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in Python

This course has over 100 comprehensive and straightforward lectures for beginners who have never programmed before. You can learn how to implement real-world scenarios, code in pdf files, read excel files, send emails, and scrape websites to extract information.`

The course covers everything from installing Python on your system to implementing software and web applications. You’ll learn command line basics, compiling Python code, strings, lists, functions, modules, advanced methods, and many relevant topics from scratch.

Duration: 22 hours

Rating: 4.6/5 (438,899 ratings) 1,623,829 Students

2.      Python for Everybody Specialization

Python for Everybody has an explanation of basic programming concepts such as data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases, making it easy and understandable for everyone, from beginners to experts.

Using the technologies you’ve acquired throughout the Specialization, you’ll develop and build your apps for data retrieval, processing, and visualization with the help of the Capstone Project in the course. You’ll also learn Json, Xml, Python Programming, Python syntax and semantics, Web Scrapping, and tuple.

Duration: 8 Months

Rating: 4.8/5 (197,696 ratings) 1,359,752 Students

3.      The Python Mega Course 2022: Build 10 Real-World Programs

The Python Mega Course begins by teaching students the fundamentals of the Python programming language and then teaches them how to write ten real-world Python programs.

The course instructor ArditSulce covers various topics, but what makes it stand out are the substantial projects that provide you with authentic portfolio pieces once you’ve finished them. This course teaches you how to create a data visualization app, a mood app with encouraging quotes, an automated email app, and more.

You’ll learn Python and IDE, strings, floats, attributes, loops, conditions, and functions while developing a web application. The course has also covered how to interact with the database using Python, Python libraries, packages, and modules.

Duration: 32.5 hours

Rating: 4.6/5 (59,245 ratings) 278,781 Students

4.      Python for Data Science, AI, and Development

This course helps integrate Python with data science, artificial intelligence, and web development. This course will help you understand Python programming fundamentals, including data analysis and data structures, and a complete grip on course modules.

You’ll learn to create Python programs, work with data, and you’ll be able to solve real-world problems in Python programming. It’ll help you develop skills and gain a strong understanding of programming in Python.

You can apply for this course in several specializations and can avail of certificate programs in data science and software development courses.

Duration: 21 hours

Rating: 4.6/5 (29,401 ratings) 472,551 Students

5.      Machine Learning with Python: From Linear Models to Deep Learning

Machine learning roots back to engineering and sciences, from software systems to hardware. Machine learning plays a significant role in commercial social sites such as search engines and suggestion software.

This course covers the principles and algorithms of machine learning and how it turns them into automatic predictions. You’ll learn representation, regularization, over-fitting, generalization, clustering, and VC dimension.

This course also covers clustering, classification, recommender problems, probabilistic modeling, and reinforcement learning.

Furthermore, this course also includes support vector machines, online algorithms, and deep learning in this course. You’ll be able to implement and experiment with the algorithms in different projects based on Python and apply them to different applications.

Duration: 15 weeks

Rating: 3.2/5


Python is a modern programming language that automates tasks, develops web applications, and analyzes and visualizes data. Python helps solve complex algorithms in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and makes the coding part easier to integrate into the system.

  • If you are a beginner looking for a Python programming language course to learn from scratch, you should go for the 2022 complete Python Bootcamp.
  • If you want to learn basic concepts of data structure, databases, and program interfaces, we recommend Python for Everybody’s Specialization.
  • The Python mega course covers the fundamentals and interaction with the database using Python, Python libraries, packages, and modules.
  • Python for data science and AI development teaches the integration of Python programming into Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine learning with Python covers implementation and experimentation with complex algorithms and projects based on Python.